The Future of Cell Phone Technology - What to Expect

The Future of Cell Phone Technology - What to Expect

Cell phone technology and virtual communication are always improving and advancing. To incentivize people to get newer phone models, companies producing them need to produce something that will persuade people. Some remarkable technological advances have been proposed recently that give us a glimpse of the future of cell phone technology.

By far, the most exciting advanced in communication technology involve the following:

Holographic Displays

The concept of holographic displays has been a staple in science fiction films for a long time. However, this technology is rapidly becoming very real.

In fact, the iPhone 6 was rumored to have two holographic displays possible to deploy on each side of the screen. In a promotional video, there was even a game demo involving kicking a holographic ball placed atop the phone's screen into a holographic hoop of sorts at the end of the physical screen. Needless to say, this version of the iPhone did not come with that feature, nor did any other since then. However, that day appears to be getting closer every year.

Flexible Phone

Cell phone technology is always made out of plastic, metal, and glass that doesn’t have that much bend to it. In fact, these devices are usually as rigid and hard as a rock. This doesn’t look like it will be the only way a smartphone can be made. Flexible screens and devices are coming, and likely to arrive sooner than holographic displays.

Starting with a phone called The Morph, revealed by Nokia, there have been several prototypes shown to the public of phones that can bend and become easier to stow away when there is less space. With smartphones getting larger all of the time, rolling up a phone becomes an increasingly appealing option. Instead of putting it into your pocket, you may decide to wear it around your wrist instead. Samsung has been showcasing numerous different flexible phone concepts, but the technology has not come to the market just yet.

Environment Friendly

If there is one thing that cell phone technology isn't, it's being environment friendly. However, that appears like it's about to change.

Some sustainable features and technologies that are being integrated include solar-powered charging, biodegradable materials, and motion-based charging.

The first big reveal of solar-powered charging came from Kyocera, which designed a phone that allows you to make a one-minute call after letting the device charge in the sun for three minutes. Another green charging method was developed that uses kinetic energy by spinning it around on your finger. It’s like a fidget spinner with a purpose!

When it comes to biodegradable materials, this one is perhaps the most tricky thing to do out of everything on this list. However, advances are being made in bioplastics that should help significantly reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastic that is currently being produced and used in cell phones.


The future of cell phone technology is captivating and exciting. Virtual communication will continue to increase and become the dominant way humans talk to one another. With so many exciting technological advances on the horizon, you may soon have a flexible holographic, solar-powered, and biodegradable phone!

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