How to Clean Your BLACK BAR Silicone Phone Case

How to Clean Your BLACK BAR Silicone Phone Case

Using a smartphone regularly will result in its case becoming dirty from handling it all of the time. Thankfully, cleaning a silicone phone case is an easy task when you know what to do. If you have a BLACK BAR case, you will want to keep it looking nice and clean. Here are our tips for how to clean your phone case.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

To clean your BLACK Bar silicone phone case, you can simply take a microfiber cloth to it.

If you want to get the best clean possible, do a visual inspection of your case first. Notice where the dirt has built up. The corners of your case are usually the biggest problem areas. Next, take your microfiber cloth and wipe away the largest pieces of dirt and debris away. After that, swipe over the entire case methodically to clear away any grime and build-up.

Use Dish Soap

Dish soap is effective in cleaning your BLACK BAR silicone phone case when there is persistent grease on it. Given how mild of a cleaner it is compared with some others, dish soap will be safe to use on silicone cases.

To clean a case using dish soap, place it into a bowl filled with warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Create some suds with something like a toothbrush you don’t mind cleaning your phone case with. Next, scrub the case for a couple of minutes, making sure you spend more time on all of the crevices. Then, rinse the soap away and dry the case.

Use Baking Soda

Another great method for how to clean your phone case involves using baking soda. This is a bit of a miracle cleaner given how effective it is at cleaning a plethora of household items, phones included. When you combine baking soda with vinegar, you have an incredibly powerful silicone phone case cleaner.

To clean your BLACK BAR phone case using baking soda and vinegar, mix one part baking soda with one part vinegar in a bowl. Once you have formed a paste, grab a toothbrush and scoop up some of the paste. Make sure to scrub the entirety of your phone case with this paste. The next step involves waiting five minutes. After that, run warm water over the case. Finally, wipe the case off and place it back onto your phone.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

One very important thing to remember is to always avoid using harsh household cleaners on your silicone phone case. Otherwise, it won’t last as long and begin to peel and get damaged prematurely. Anything with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide should be off-limits, along with aerosol spray cleaners and glass cleaners.


Now that you know how to clean your phone case, you can keep your BLACK BAR case looking as good as the day you bought it. This high-quality silicone phone case will not only protect your phone but make it look incredibly good while doing so.

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