BLACK BAR begins at an ending.

I always had a plan, plans and thoughts on how to maintain. It worked for me. The simple life.

Then came winter. A long winter.

The wind bellowed and scattered everything in its path. And there he was, unscathed, as the wind roared with passion. The push and pull never stopped. I just floated, aimlessly into the night. I watched as fragments of concrete and dirt moved upwards against gravity to block the sun. ROGUE grew vines up between the fragments, and wound itself around my ankles. The air swirled and caged me in as I tried to claw my way back to equilibrium. My simple life. The sun burned cold and grey above my head, shrinking as I fell. VENOM seeped through the vines and soaked itself into my skin. I became numb and walked through labyrinthine pathways of reflections without rest, in search of peace. I couldn’t properly tell you how long I was out there, on that open road. Time did not exist out there, it was always dark, with shades of blue. The weather was unkind. His weather was unkind, with varying shades of cool. Exhausted, I shut my eyes heavy with doubt. I must have been out there a while as I had woken up in a different place. A place with warmth and shelter. It was CATHEDRAL’s warmth, full of soft licks of candlelight that swirled the room with amber incense. I laid there, in place as the ambiance filled me with life. I listened intently to the steady hum of water filtering through the fish tank across the room. I watched as little fish kissed at the surface of the water, forming ripples that echoed around the tank. I saw one fish break away from the surface to swim against its own reflection in the glass. I wondered what the fish saw in its reflection. As I stared into the glass, trying to decipher it, BLISS pierced through and echoed through the room: how other people treat you isn’t your reflection. I felt weightless and unburdened.

In that moment, I realized where I was: the black bar, in search of purpose and my own reflection. Peace drenched over me and a new phase, a beautiful phase of life emerged from the black bar. With BLISS cupped in the palm of my hand and BLACK BAR alongside me, I walk forward from the black bar and into the rest of my life.


Kim Z, CEO