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Discover minimalism with edge at BLACK BAR.

BLACK BAR is where top designers and engineers collaborate to enhance your digital world and foster individual expression. We have merged the gap between quality, usability, performance, and fashion with our Premium phone case. You can have it all without compromising quality for creativity and vice versa. And that’s not all; we are committed to a plastic-free environment. We deliver 100% pure silicone phone cases to our customers to keep our impact on the environment low, one case, one product at a time.

We are minimalists at heart, and we call our style ‘minimalism with edge’ because we believe you can still show off your personality while living a minimalist lifestyle. There’s enough noise in the world today, so why add any more to it? Our modern and unique phone covers are designed with a purpose to filter out the noise and bring forth your inner personality, as we believe that Existence precedes Essence, and meaning is created through individual expression and shared experiences.


-Kim Z - CEO


So, let’s dive into more detail and introduce you to the benefits of our phone skins and the engineering behind the perfection of these skins.

Crafted with 100% pure liquid silicone, BLACK BAR Premium Phone Case provides a comfortable feel and unmatched anti-shock performance. These cases are engineered with precision to protect your investment in your smartphone without disrupting your smartphone's functionality and digital experience.

Triple Layer Design:
With quality and user accessibility at the forefront, we use a triple-layer design throughout the engineering process. The Inner Super-Fiber lining, Hard PC layer, and Liquid Silicone layer serve to reinforce your smartphone inside the phone case to avoid overheating, slip-outs, and damages to your smartphone. The outer liquid silicone layer cannot be mistaken as it is felt immediately upon touch. Not only does it provide a comfortable and positive feel, but it also keeps dust and grime away, prevents overheating, ensures compatibility with any surface, and enhances the overall shock absorptive performance of the phone case against accidental drops and bumps. The Hard PC Layer enforces the sturdiness of the phone case when held.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing:
We use high-precision machines through each stage of the molding process to ensure proper sizing and dimension, tactile button functionality, and accessibility to all access ports the need to take off your phone case. In addition, we employ hand crafting methodologies on every single speaker grill and hole on your phone to further ensure that we do not limit the functionality of your phone or diminish the quality of sound from your phone speakers.

BLACK BAR premium phone case provides an all-around 360 protection, including the raised lip around the camera and beveled edges for camera and screen protection against scratches.

Accident-prone? No worries! Often, we come across different situations where we accidentally drop our cellphones, and sometimes, they slip from our very fingers. Well, you need not worry as we have perfectly engineered full-body protection against drops and slips to save you from those awful moments of regrets.

No more scratches, no more tears! Keys! The main culprits for destroying the beauty of your phone’s back. Well, no worries now, as our phone skins offer scratch resistance that protects your smartphone from everyday wear and tear.

Superior shock absorption like never before! Silicone brings the phone integrity game to another level by absorbing all of the shocks upon impact. The absorbent properties of our silicone case provide the proper insulation necessary when we drop our phones on accident.

Our tiny little secret! Microfiber is our favorite as well as the most crucial addition to this phone skin. It has the premium elements of destroying all kinds of bacteria on your cellphone. Your toddler can finally play with your cellphone without any hygienic worries.

Lastly, luxury is always a pleasure! The luxury inside each phone case is unmatchable as whenever you hold it, you will feel the dedication we put into the process of making this piece of art. It not only feels luxurious and sleeky but also provides you with an ultra-strong grip.

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