5 Essential Tips for Text Messaging Etiquette

5 Essential Tips for Text Messaging Etiquette

Text messaging, or texting for short, is something we all do yet most of us don't do really do it well. There are some big do's and don'ts when it comes to texting. The way you go about talking to people via text messaging is a bit different than when you're speaking to them face-to-face or on a call.

Text Messaging Etiquette Tips

If you want to avoid having a text messaging fail, these are some essential tips to follow (speaking from experience with a particular someone):

Don’t Expect Fast Response Times on Weekdays

People are more likely to be busy working on weekdays, which means you're unlikely to get a super-fast response. However, on weekends you have a better chance of getting a response within a few minutes. If you send a text and don't immediately get a response back, don't freak out! The person you're texting is probably busy.

Know Your Audience

You’re not going to speak with a boss the same way you talk to a romantic partner. There are different ways of talking to people depending on who they are. When it comes to personal relationships, you can write more casually. Throw in a few fun emojis for good measure! If you're texting a co-worker, it's best to avoid sending hearts or eggplants in your text.

Know When to Text vs Call

Did something major just happen in your life and you want to share it with a friend? Is there a project you're working on that needs to be explained to co-workers? Discern when a conversation can stay within the realm of text messaging and when it is simply easier and more effective to call. After all, who wants to burn out their thumbs by typing 20 paragraphs in a message?

Avoid Spilling Out All of Your Emotions

A vital piece of text messaging etiquette advice you should follow is to go easy on putting all of your emotions into a text. Ideally, your texts should be short and simple. Translating emotions into mere words on a screen isn't that effective. You may not get the message across the way you're hoping to.

Don’t Pour Your Heart Out

Pouring your heart out in a text message can freak people out and scare them away. You may end up not receiving any response at all if your texts are a short novel. If you do write more than a few lines, break it up so that you’re not sending the dreaded “wall of text” to someone.

Only Text Once More After No Response

If you don't hear a response from someone you texted, you get one more chance to do so. Maybe they missed it, or they read it but marked it as "read" and forgot about it. However, if you don't receive a response after a second text, then proper text messaging etiquette is to stop texting them. They simply don't want to talk to you.


Congrats! You no longer have to worry about having poor text messaging etiquette. When you follow these tips, you will notice that the people you are texting will be responding better than they were before. All it takes is a few tweaks.

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