Our Mission

To create premium products that expresses the minimalist identity & shared experiences, without noise.


Our Belief

We believe that Existence precedes Essence, and meaning is created through individual expression and shared experiences.


What Makes Us Different

Our Edge!

Our relentless effort to protect your investment with style & simplicity

Our obligation to creating a plastic free environment, one product at a time

Our dare to be different without compromising our minimalist identity

Our passion for Accountability; Premium product, Premium Customer service



BLACK BAR Premium Silicone Phone Case: Designed to protect your investment in your most touched, held and used asset: your smart phone.



Ensuring full body protection against drops, falls, slips, and scratches, while maintaining a slim & comfortable fit

Ensuring proper insulation & shock protection through inner microfiber lining, and outer elasticity

Ensuring every touch feels like soft feathers with a secure grip

Ensuring compatibility with any surface and maintaining the value of your asset with anti-dirt fingerprint, dust, and stain features

Ensuring all tactile buttons and access ports are responsive & accessible